If I (Feat. 김선욱)

최고은 2016.05.13 14
If I have the wings, 
I can fly away to you.
All my burdens down fly to you.

If I have the fins,
Affix my fins to your island. 
So we’ll swim around 
rainbow’s bend.
Ribbon waves we go.

If you’re lost and stuck, 
middle of the way to me.
Set your heart at ease.

If you hover around
in illuminative the past.
It’s a glimmer of hope, 
the soundless time, 
the sand in our hand. 

If you have my eyes,
You can see what i can see.
Even far away. 

If I let you down,
If I see your injuries.
All I want is you to shine. 

Center of my eyes. 
( Rewrite the heart.) 
Center of my soul. 
( Let it flow away.)
If you can see what i see.
(If I see your injuries.)
If I let you down.
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