ChakhaeBoyz (Feat. Rekstizzy)

지투 (G2) 2018.12.07 93
[Verse 1: Rekstizzy]
Had to stir up the pot, 
notice I ain’t say the wok
American boy, I turn up a lot, 
don't mean I don't work, 
journey to the top
Furniture extra just like the guac, 
permanent fixture just like a lock 
What's up wit ya? Don't trust no thot, 
fucking bitches used to nut in a sock
Flip the script, had to switch up the plot, 
work the wrist when the kitchen is hot
Fuck it up, fuck it up, you sipping a shot? 
Fuck a DJ if he don't let the record 
spin like a top
Ah, we goin’ from minor to major
Finally on my way up

[Verse 2: G2]
생각이 많아, 난, 독이 됐지, 결국엔
Became a 버릇, damn, 
I became a 어른, man
We got addicted to different things, 
just so we can compensate
Now it’s hard to conversate, 
I’m tryna talk and it’s complicated
이게 난 싫어, 왜케 복잡하는데, uhmm
I hate how we act like 
we don’t give a fuck, 
이렇게 되는 게 난 싫어서
Lit up a fire so we can see each 
other faces when we talk, 
서운해하지도 말어
Don’t worry about tomorrow, 
집중해, 대화를 나눠
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