Working Heroes

오콘 (OCON) 2019.04.01 787
A bus driver drives
safely through town.
Bus drivers are driving experts.
They are so cool.

A police officer blows
his whistle. Stop there!
Police officers keep the peace
and protect us.

I smell something good.
Sniff sniff, yum yum.
Bakers bake all day.
They've got a sweet job.

The sound of scissors snipping,
oh, that must be my hair...
Hairstylists have the magic touch.
They're so cool.

Safe bus drivers 
to police officers
Bakers baking yummy treats.
Stylists cutting for fun.

All these jobs take talent
Talent for each one.

One, two, three,
look at the blackboard.
Teachers know a lot they're
masters of knowledge.

Tap tap tap, knock knock knock
goes the hammer
Carpenters build cool things
with their bare hands.

When there's a big fire,
a fire truck races.
Brave firefighters save people.
They are heroes.

Artsy painters use brushes 
To mix colors and paint pictures
on canvas. 
(Cro, what are you painting?)
A beautiful rainbow in the sky.

Smart, helpful teachers
Strong carpenters
Brave fire fighters 
Fine master painters.

All these jobs take talent
Talent for each one.

Whether sick or hurt,
the doctor will help you.

There are many jobs in the world.
So many cool jobs that
you can choose from.

All  of them take talent.
Talent that we should cheer on!
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