And other days

팔칠댄스 (87dance) 2022.01.05 11
how was your mind
wish I will know you
how silly of my dream
I'm losing track you so wonder

I'm lookin for a something
new and bling
now I don't see anything
when you and me
you mesmerizing me
oh let me breeze
and other days away
days away

오늘도 서툰 표정
조금은 놓고 싶지

늘 익숙함에 잠겨
가려던 곳은 어딘지

내 다리가 고장난 것 같아
문 앞에서 더 무겁고

웃음에 박힌 상처
탓하긴 늦었나

we all lie

dada dada dada dada
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