Yo-yo! Chase Away the Dragon!

로티프렌즈 2024.03.15 52
A dragon took the princess leopard!
Let’s go save her!
Great soldier Lotty
And brave fairy Candyko
Went to the dark castle
To find the greedy dragon
Yo, yo, Yongsa		
Soldier, soldier
Yo, yo, Yojung	
Fairy, fairy
Yo, yo, Yong 	
Dragon, dragon
Yo, yo, Yosae	
Following signs in the castle
Across the river of lava
We found the cooking dragon
Go, go, go! My yo-yo!

Yo, yo, Pyojipan	
Sign, sign
Yo, yo, Yong-am		
Lava, lava
Yo, yo, Yori		
Cooking, cooking
Yo, yo, Yo-yo		
Oh, no! It’s not strong enough!
I’ll give it my magic power!
The magic hit the dragon
See, he’s doing yoga 
Argh...! Please forgive me!
The soldier and the fairy 
saved the princess leopard
Yo, yo, Yosul		
Magic, magic
Yo, yo, Yoga		
Yoga, yoga
Yo, yo, Yongseo		
Yo, yo, Pyobeom		
Yo-yo, yo-yo, yo!
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