Never Give Up (Prod. by Sangkyun Park)

Lauren Han 2021.02.04 13
I can’t get out of here
No matter how I try
I wish the end is near
So there’s no needs for lies

Day after day
Trials come
I thought I had to fight
On my own

But He says, “Child, Don’t be afraid
I’ll come to your aid
When you think you can’t go on”

“My loving child, let go of the stress
Lay down all your weights
In the past or present, in the future, too,
I’ll walk with you”

You say I’m loved by you
It’s something I’d never known
How can it be the truth
I’m nowhere close to being like you 

Here I am, Lord
Please see
All these flaws and hurts and stains
Covering me

But He says, “Child, Don’t be ashamed
I’ll wash away
All the needless blame”

“My loving child, lift up your face
Feel my warm embrace
You are perfect in my eyes 
I’ll love you as you are 
All of my days”

You cover me
When world turns cold
When I feel alone
With your unchanging love

You pick me up
Up from despair
Another day to spare

You plant me on my feet
No, I won’t give up
You love me as I am

I won’t give up
You love me as I am
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