Lemmegitaside (Feat. DJ Vamos)

Colslaugh 2019.05.03 19
가수되기 전에 먼저 인간이 돼
Black Panther보니 흑인들이 한국말해
나도 한국말해
실력이 자꾸 올라
I'm dropping shit like 비둘기들이 똥싸

We like our chicken with the 'Colslaugh'
힙합죽이가 됩시다
다 같이 'Colslaugh' (콜슬로우!)
I'm bout to go soft
take your hats and clothes off
I'm fucking kidding, smack you
in the face and dose off

Then I goes off
Kill ya band's front man
then take a load off
I'll kick my feet up, sip Aquafina
meanwhile you show off
Then I'll infiltrate your show
when I spoke he 'froze' call him 'Olaf'
Most ya'll niggas don't want it Antoniio
Show me your champion kill
em off post haste
Most take offense when I spit
penetrate defenses tenfold
Shit I been cold
Take a stroll in my in-soles
you'll see what it be to define MC
Defeat em groups of 3
cuz shit I'm 3 times dope
And I'm where it's at, you copy that?

A bunch of copy cats 'Storm Trooper'
Me I'm a Jedi with demonic 
plans 'Lex Luthor'
Now picture that
Copy cats, single blow will make em
back flip 'acrobats'
My composition South Korean
style laundromats
(Skinny Chase) A street disciple 
and the flow messiah
I'm dropping knowledge got the weights
that'll stomp battalions
I'm sick and tired of autotunes
and cloudy choirs
자원입대 교포래퍼 너와 나의 차이야

Rap to science, quiet on the set
I'm finna begin
Got liquid nitrogen in my pen
Many men fall victim to category 9 winds
Sentences cold Jack Frost in the flesh
On my worst day opposition
couldn't best me at best

쇼미더머니 때매 drippity
drops the rain drop
Like I dipped it in wasabi
지 키만한 목거리 단 꼬라지 '발라버려'
Like Tiger J catching bodies
with the drunken style karate

(Mark: Ayo Chase
너는 왜 한국말로 랩은 안해?)
Cuz I'm smooth like a criminal
impact subliminal
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